According to the recent survey of the Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index, Canada has obtained second place, only behind Germany, by dethroning the UK. A total of 60 countries were considered for the survey under a wide variety of factors. This year, Canada attained the second position, but it is expected to clinch the first position next year according to Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index trends.

The survey index evaluated 60 countries on various factors such as governance, friendliness, culture, and quality of life.  Germany took the top spot scoring high points in all parameters, and Canada comes in right behind in all parameters. Canada’s handling pandemic and the economic response has received universal praise and acclaim. Its people-friendly policies, openness to Canadian immigration, and employment opportunities make the country even more desirable.

For the last couple of years, Canada has found its place among the top three, but it has climbed the rankings this year. It was possible due to the first-rate services on the Governance, People, Immigration and Investment indices, Exports, Tourism, and Culture.

Germany has held the top spot for five years now whereas Japan takes third and Italy fourth. As for the neighboring US, it has slightly moved to eighth place. However, the US had one of the most substantial declines overall last year, dropping from the sixth position in 2019 to the 10th position last year. The United States experienced sharp declines due to its tough stance on Governance, Tourism, Investment, and Immigration. Even in the pandemic, the nation had a vast political divide in society with vaccine hesitancy. Due to these factors, many immigration aspirants choose Canada Immigration over the USA as their first choice of destination.


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